Jennifer Filzen

Jennifer Filzen is a Marketing Professional, Business Management Trainer, author, and public speaker. She owns Rock Star Marketing, a digital marketing agency based in Monterey, California. She also co-owns with her husband The West Coast Swing Dance Company, teaching and enriching the lives of West Coast Swing dance enthusiasts. Jennifer’s goal is to help others by creating a positive impact in their lives through her incredible talents as a communicator both in the business world and on the dance floor.

Connecting with Jennifer Filzen

I’m launching a new vlog/podcast during the COVID-19 era, and I’m doing it because I find that a lot of people are craving deeper human connection while they are in lockdown and spending time online.

I’m calling it “Connecting with Jennifer Filzen” and I’m asking 4 open-ended, yet deep, questions in the interview:

1) What makes you special & unique?
2) Who do you serve in your life?
3) What is your “why”?
4) Bonus Question: What words of wisdom or advice do you want to share?

These interviews are with everyday people, just like you and me, who want to connect online in a deeper, more meaningful way. Would you be interested in joining me on this new adventure of mine? Click here if you want to be interviewed. Click here if you want to subscribe.

I’ve created online courses that teach you everything I know about online marketing.

This video blog features myself and my husband Rene Arreola, who is an artist and designer. You can watch this at

The Cory Poirier Show

Jennifer is interviewed by multiple-time TEDx and sought-after Keynote Speaker, Cory Poirier.

What Dancing Taught Me About Running A Successful Business

What Dancing Taught Me About Running A Successful Business

What is this book about?

You don’t have to know how to dance to get a lot out of this book! This is a management book from a dance perspective because a lot of the terms we use in dance are the exact same concepts we use in business. This book is designed to improve and strengthen the unity within your business so you can grow your revenue, develop your tribe, perfect your technique, and become the champions within your industry.

Video Modules

These video modules are inspired by the book “What Dancing Taught Me About Running A Successful Business”.

Who is it for?

If you are a business owner that wants your staff to get in alignment with your highest vision and goals, this book will help you level up. This book helps you and your employees improve your teamwork, timing, technique, connection, confidence, and so much more. Who knows? Maybe you’ll all want to learn how to dance together after you realize how it can benefit your business.



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