Connecting with Jennifer Filzen

I’m launching a new vlog/podcast during the COVID-19 era, and I’m doing it because I find that a lot of people are craving deeper human connection while they are in lockdown and spending time online. I’m calling it “Connecting with Jennifer Filzen” and I’m asking 4 open-ended, yet deep, questions in the interview:

1) What makes you special & unique?

2) Who do you serve in your life? 

3) What is your “why”?

4) Bonus Question: What words of wisdom or advice do you want to share?

These interviews are with everyday people, just like you and me, who want to connect online in a deeper, more meaningful way. Would you be interested in joining me on this new adventure of mine? Click here if you want to be interviewed. Click here if you want to subscribe.

Connecting with Jennifer Filzen
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